5 Key FAQs (And 5 Good Answers) About Health Care Marketing

Almost everyone in the United States will see a doctor at some point in his or her life. The established fact is that all people need healthcare. In today’s society, health care marketing plays a vital role for all health professionals, as the medical and dental industry remains a competitive field. If you maintain a practice or provide any type of health care services, you may have questions regarding your marketability. Take a look at some of the following frequently asked questions and some even better answers:

1. What is Health Care Marketing?

Health care marketing is very similar to other fields of marketing, branding, research and advertising. Yet, it is unique in that it contains elements of public health information, specific research as to health matters, and health communication. Those who work in health care marketing often practice techniques of integrating standard methods of marketing with science-based strategies of research and health information. Many refer to this as the marketing mix, as it draws from many disciplines to inform, educate, and appeal to the public.

2. Why does it matter?

It is no secret that health care covers not only a very diverse array of services, but is also quite competitive. Most aspects require some form of marketing, including: dental practices, general medicine offices, and large corporations of hospitals, non-profit sectors and research firms. Effective marketing strategies primarily include branding. A great brand tells the public what your business or discipline is and why it is important.

Health matters to everyone, and patients need to know what to expect and why they should choose a certain service. Many professionals make the mistake of ignoring branding, as they feel they are immune to economic recessions. However, research shows that patients choose practices with great branding practices.

3. What is a best patient?

In marketing, not everyone is going to be the perfect customer for a business. For every product on the market, there is an ideal audience. Outdated methods of advertising practice a “pray and spray” methodology of targeting a consumer base. Now, research has shown that narrowing your customer base to those more likely to purchase or participate in your product or offering is much more effective than targeting an entire population randomly. This person most likely to engage in your business is called the best customer. For the health care industry, the best customer is known as the best patient.

4. Is a marketing firm important for the medical field?

It can be an overwhelming process, determining your best patient and creating a brand for your services. Most health care professionals want to focus on providing the best care or the best research possible to the public. But to maintain the resources to do so, one must have a successful and thriving practice to continue one’s work. That is where a great marketing firm can come into play. Marketing firms have the knowledge and ability to identify your best patient. A knowledgeable branding company will realize what an effective ad campaign will look like and will give you the tools to reach your target audience, helping you to continue to best serve your patients.

5. What does a successful marketing campaign look like?

Efficient marketing strategies will look a little differently for different doctors, hospitals, practices and firms. A good marketing company will help you recognize your strengths in the market place and will communicate those strengths to your best patient. Ideas that turn into compelling content are key to reaching your ideal audience with a trust-worthy branding message.